Magenet Will Help You to Earn Money With your Website

Magenet Will Help You to Earn Money With your Website



magenet is a Advertising network that allows you to place contextual ads On your website. Once you sign up, you will be able to either set your own ad prices or agree to Their recommended. This notwork strives to sell contextual ads from your sites at the highest possible price.

How To Join


You can join this platform Free of charge .  It’s free of cost to join this platform. After joining, you need to submit your website URL and they will review it within a week.

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Easy To access

How Works?

They are working in very simple manner. This platform is free to join and after joining you can submit your website there. Magenet will crawl your website within a week and they will tell you how much PR1+ pages are there on your blog.

Multiply the number of PR1+ pages on your website by 15 and this will be the amount of money that you can get from your site per month if we sell 1-3 links from each of your PR1+ pages. For example, if your website has 100 PR1+ pages, you’ll be able to earn $1,500 / month for link sales at MageNet.

They will let you know about the opportunities available and you can accept or deny accordingly.

Website Value Calculator

Here you can find your website value. then you can calculate how much you can earn from Advertising

Website Value Calculate link

As a result you will find out: How much you can earn from your website per month Number of pages of your site indexed by Google SB Rank for website pages (site value metric based on site’s DA and PA and developed to replace Google PR) 21 online profit boosting hacks 34 surefire monetization methods to skyrocket your website income.

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