Do you want to know what Satta king is?

The lottery originated in India. Now it has become a worldwide gambling addiction. Even though it is illegal to play in India, still famous among the gamblers. But Before the independence of India, this was known as “Ankada Jugar”.

History of Satta King

Mr. Ratan Khatri is the founder of this gambling method.  He came up with a plan to bet on prices of opening and closing of different items. In the early days, it was involved with betting for opening and closing prices of cotton. Gamblers followed the price of cotton when they were moving from Bombay exchange to New York cotton exchange. Then they did betting on opening price and the closing price. They used teleprinters as their betting system.

In the 1960s, the game got changed to different methods other than betting on cotton. But It was replaced with generating random numbers and withdrawing slips from large pots. In India these pots are known as “Matka”, this game got popular as “Matka”.

 How to play Satta King.

•    First numbers from 0-9 would be written on a paper. Next, the paper will be put on a Matka.

•    Next, a person would withdraw papers and announce the winning 3 numbers.

•    At present, the 3 numbers would be withdrawn from a card pack.

Evolution of the game

•    In the year of 1962, a system was introduced where even a small amount of Rs.1 could be put as a bet.

•    There were 2 different types of Matka by the year 1962. One Matka was operated on every day and another one was operated for only 6 days.

•    As the textile business was grown in the Mumbai area, a lot of text tile workers started to participate in this game, Hence there were a lot of new betting shops around text tile factories.

•    Because of the popularity of the game around Mumbai area, Mumbai became the center of Satta gambling industry.

•    The operation came to their prime in the 1980s and 1990s which had turnover around Rs 500 core per month.

The popularity

The popularity of this gambling method became a huge problem for the Indian community. As a lot of people started to lose their saving on betting. Hence the Mumbai Police department had to take severe actions against the betting system. In the year 1995, the police department conducted a huge crackdown operation to stop the operation. Because of that dealers had to move away from Mumbai and relocate their operation in other states like Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. With the limited option to bet on Satta gambling system, now most of the gamblers have started betting on online gambling activities and cricket matches.

How gamblers get money from the game.

After winning the lottery, he receives a total sum of  9 times of his betting money. Because of the simplicity of the game, most of the low educated persons prefer this system. After numbers are announced, the result gets transmitted all over the states in India. If you are a clever gambler, you could put more betting on more combinations of numbers. Then the winning percentage of yours could get higher. Also, there is a high risk that you could lose all of your money with this system.

Different terminologies in the game and meanings of them

Matka:   This means “earthen pot”. In early years a pot was used to draw papers with numbers

Single:  A number between 0 – 9. In the beginning, the numbers were written on a paper and put inside the Matka

Pair (Jodi): digit pairs between 00 to 99 numbers

Patti:  The result with 3 numbers. The final result is 3 numbers and it called “Patti”.

Open and Close results:  The result will be divided into 2 parts. The first part is called “Open” and the second part is called “Close”

SP, DP, and TP:  Different names for the different number of digits. Single Patti, Double Patti, and Triple Patti.

•    Single Patti: 123

•    Double Patti: 112

•    Triple patti: 111

Cycle Patti: The last 2 digits of a number is being called cycle Patti. For an example, if the number is 123, the Cycle Patti is 23.

Farak: It is the difference between opening and closing result. For an example, if the pair is 85, the Farak is  8-5 = 3.

Bergi: This means the final number of   Jodi numbers. ( 2 numbers). Eg:  If the pair is  77, first we have to get the sum of it. 7 +7 = 14.  and Then the Bergi is 4. Because that is the last digit of the total number.


In recent years it is very hard to find gamblers who play Satta King Game. Because of the rule and regulations enforced by the legal departments. But still, there are high profiles of illegal betting incidents that have reported in recent years.

The popularity of Indian cricket league, IPL has attracted many betting scandals.  As the IPL is been surrounded with a vast amount of money, there are a lot of illegal activities surrounding it. High profile executives of Indian Cricket board has been arrested for gambling and bribery incidents.

Now gamblers don’t have to go to any gambling shops to put their bets. They can simply put their bets online. Online gambling has become more popular among gambler. As it is been operated in the cyberspace/ internet, there are no boundaries. A gambler can simply transfer money to the gambling site and participate in any gambling service provided by them. There is a huge risk in online gambling. The gambler has to be careful with credentials of the online gambling site.

So if you are planning to participate in any gambling activities, you have to think twice. You have to think about your future and your family. Because if you lose all the money with you. You are going to face great difficulties. Also when you become a gambling addict, it is hard to get away from it.

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