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        Content Always Matters For Your Online Success     

Let’s now understand Wirecabin’s result-generating content writing solutions! “Content Is The King;” well, you may have heard this saying many times. At Wirecabin, we adhere to this theory and develop intelligent and unique content that represents your company’s voice. Interesting content alone doesn’t do the job now. Many crucial factors are there to take into consideration when developing original content for a client’s website. The demand for content writing Sri Lanka is on the rise, along with more and more business owners now have understood the importance of it. Wirecabin is here to fill the gap and fulfill clients’ requirements at affordable rates.

What Is Content Writing?

Have you ever wondered, “why is content so important?” Well, writing content for the web is not writing for hard copies. Indeed, it is entirely a different writing service that 100% focuses on clients’ online success. Also, it is not Essay Writing. You may be a good essay writer and a business owner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can create content for your company website. Furthermore, content writing isn’t including the so-called all the complex words in the dictionary to make your writing look sassy. You will witness this complexity on some Sri Lankan websites, where unqualified content writers have used jargon or odd words found online.

Content on your website’s Landing Page, Products/Services page, and the About Us page is the resource that represents you and answers customers’ or visitors’ questions about your business and products/ services. Web content should be easily readable and targets the right audience. Apart from this so-called customer satisfaction, our professional content writers Sri Lanka service balances the other crucial side too. What is it? Well, in SEO, content is the king means content plays a significant role in getting your company website on Google’s and other major search engines’ first search results/pages. For example, you are looking for digital marketing services in Sri Lanka. So, you type “SEO specialist sri lanka” in Google’s other search engines’ search box. Since we have developed optimized content, we appear on Google’s first search page. That is how it works.

What do we understand as a leading content writing service in Sri Lanka? Our experienced content writers understand the following determining factors:

1)  Content has to be useful.

2) Content has to be engaging.

3) Content shouldn’t sound robotic; it has to be natural.

4) Content has to be accurate; what sources we use for developing original and intelligent content is the significant factor here.

5) We write content for humans; for you and your potential customers.

6) On the other hand, we know that we have to satisfy search engines too.

7) Quality content means a collection of words/thoughts arranged methodically to grasp the readers’ attention by giving them something useful. And this usefulness means the fact that whether content answers visitors’ questions and promote your product/service at the same time.

What Are Keywords & Keyphrases?

Topics and ideas that define your content are the keywords. To make it more understandable, we give you another definition: keywords or keyphrases are the words/phrases that web searchers enter into search engines when searching for a product or service. Anybody can search for anything; it doesn’t always have to be a product or service.

Keywords are exclusively important in SEO as the inclusion of these words and phrases in your content decides whether or not search engines identify your company website as significant or relevant according to web searchers’ search queries. Rich content that contains the right keywords contributes to organic traffic to a greater extent. Our team of content writers Sri Lanka also focuses on the fact of “Right Keywords” that get the right traffic to your website. Therefore, the keywords that we choose won’t drive any wrong traffic to your company website.

Our Content Writing Sri Lanka Procedure:

1) We have a sit-down meeting with the client first. This meeting lets us know the distinct requirements of our clients. For your convenience, we can arrange a Skype or WhatsApp video conversation.

2) We collect all the information given by the client and prepare a plan. And this master plan includes understanding your product/service and authority, keyword research, market research, identifying the right audience, and finalizing the right tone of voice. Our experienced content writers then develop quality, original, and engaging content by considering all researched factors. We target long-tail keywords if your authority is not at a high level, or your market/niche is highly competitive.

3) We present you the content for your review. Upon your “OK,” we upload content, or you can do this part yourself for private or copyrighted company websites.

We are 100% confident that our smart and precise content writing Sri Lanka service generates the results that you wished. We develop content under the following areas:

* Web Content.

* Social Media Content.

* Blogs (English & Sinhalese.)

* Expert Copy.

* Advertising & Sales Copy.

* Creative Writing.

* Company Profiles.

Other Writing Services:

We provide writing services in Sinhalese too. If you have a website that posts news and articles in Sinhalese, our writers can offer you a full-service for it. Also, we offer translation services: English to Sinhalese and vice versa. Want to get a website or any English document proofread? Our expert writing team offers comprehensive proofreading aids at affordable rates. We proofread literally anything written in English for clients.

Our Content Writers Sri Lanka Charges:

Yes, contenting writing is a; well, not an easy subject. However, we don’t charge extra from any clients. Across the web, you will come across content writing services that charge overly high rates. Being affordable to all is our theory.

Contact us today and get quality and result-generating content on your business website.