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Introduction To SEO Specialist Sri Lanka

There has never been a more critical time for any business to enhance its online presence as much as and in the most effective way possible. Various companies introduce great products and services; however, if your company doesn’t show up on top search results, or to a point that nobody can find you online, then your existence in the business world is only a secret. Don’t worry, though!, The SEO Specialist Sri Lanka is here to resolve that difficulty through comprehensive White Hat Search Engine Optimization strategies.

What  is  Search  Engine  Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the best marketing strategies that organizations have for gaining online visibility; it brings them more visitors through organic (free) search results. Top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank websites according to specific parameters that they consider. When your company website fulfills all of their parameters, then you get the bonus at the end, which is no-cost web rankings. Having your business website optimized, your ranking in search engine results enhance, and you will gain more online visibility. This, eventually, results in an increment in visitor traffic to your company or business website.

What  Should You  Know  About  SEO

Understanding the crucial search engines’ ranking factors is the key here. For example, keywords & content, domain-level brand metrics, and engagement & traffic; all these vital factors make sure your company website gets picked by relevant and popular by search engines. Here we explain the fundamental details that you have to know when learning how SEO works.

  • Auditing Your Website

The initial auditing means understanding your website’s current rank, determine whether the right keywords are in place, and reviewing your website’s analytics. As SEO Specialists Sri Lanka, we perform this test for all our clients.

  • Crawling and Indexing

All Search Engines use automated robots called Crawlers, and those crawlers use indexed links to search the Internet, locate web pages, and read page data that to be incorporated in search engine results.

  • Ranking

Each major search engine has distinctive ranking factors, yet they all have factors in common: links, content, and keywords. Content and Keywords are two of the critical factors that search engines consider when ranking web pages. Therefore, it is crucial that you know what exclusive keywords and key phrases have the heights volume within your market and incorporates those keywords within your website’s content. Content on your website naturally creates a collection of links. Search engines then use link analysis algorithms that look at the number, sources, and anchor texts of links to help define their significance in search inquiries.

  • Enhanced Mobile Performance & Mobile Optimization

It is now so critical to get your company website mobile-optimized as it undoubtedly helps develop your search engine ranking. But why? Well, all search engines are now developing mobile crawlers that form mobile-only indexes. Enhanced Mobile Performance enables the faster rendering of web pages on smartphones and other mobile devices, and Google now has recommended it. It has three components: 1) AMP JS is Javascript for mobile that guarantees quick page rendering. 2) AMP HTML is a simplistic redesign of HTML with distinct AMP commands. 3) AMP Content Delivery Network will cache your AMP content for fast delivery. When it comes to Google searches on mobile devices, now there is a collection of search results that only covers webpages that have fulfilled AMP. AMP may not be a ranking factor yet, but it drives more traffic and visitors, particularly from mobile devices, where your website would be a top result in Google’s choice.

Who  We  Are ( SEO Specialist Sri Lanka) is a dedicated team committed to providing you with the latest SEO strategies that you need to gain online visibility. Firstly, we conduct thorough research to find out everything regarding your target audience and how we should utilize your website’s quality content to drive traffic and convert those visitors into paying customers. By listening to you and learning your exact business demands, we put together a master plan that helps you achieve your goals and improve the way you do business online.

Our Approach And Analysis Strategy

A victorious SEO strategy is all about developing a company’s online presence. Auditing your current website is our first step. This audit helps us understand what you are currently doing right and what we need to do for improving it all. During our audit, we examine the following factors:

Analytics and Keyword research is the first step for determining how your website currently ranked. Here, we search for keywords that are linked with your business and find out where your website fits within the competitive online market.

Your Website’s Accessibility and Indexing

For your website to be within top search results, search engines have to find it. As mentioned earlier, they do this by crawling the web and scanning for appropriate and indexable content, such as HTML features like Alt tags for images, and link structures.

Ranking Factors

Once we conclude that your website would found by search engines and getting properly indexed, then we can start the rest of the master plan to further improve your ranking. During these steps, we deeply examine your content to make sure that it is relevant, right keywords utilized, no duplicate content on multiple pages; also, keywords and HTML markup to ensure that your source code is relevant to search engines’ crawlers.

Competitive Analysis

After completing the audit, we run a competitive analysis to analyze your content and other SEO factors with those of your market competitors. This helps us customize our master plan and prepare all deliverable items that we can present to you. Upon your approval, we implement that set of strategies on your website to improve your rank and drive more visitors.

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What IS SEO ?

T i m e li n e Tasks (Monthly)

SEO specialist sri lanka Package

monthly Tasks

  • Site Analyze
  • Keyword research
  • Mobile usability Check
  • Backlinks Check
  • Core optimization
  • Website page cashing
  • Image optimization
  • Page objects optimization
  • Fixing bad requests
  • Blogs Setup
  • Article submitting
  • Bookmarking
  • Guest Posting
  • Blog comments
  • Video submission
  • PDF submission


Most frequent questions and answers

We begin with onsite SEO, Do a SEO Audit and find best keywords to Target For Quick win. Then we move to Link Building process. One good backlink is worth more than thousands of low-quality backlinks.

Yes , We will Send you reports End of the month , If Any sudden Changes happen we will inform it too.

Of course yes. You can see our clients in our Home page. And Most of them still gaining their results.

No SEO knows the exact Google algorithm , No one knows how there algorithm changes , Only we can offer is guarantee for improvements on Easy keywords we found on your site. you can see it on our reports.  

it will depend on your project. we will offer a good package suitable for your website SEO competition. you can select it or go with lowest package we have. But you need to understand that SEO is a long term process. Good SEO Take time.