What is a Web Development Service?

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Web Development? A set of services that are involved in development and maintenance of a Website with a purpose of accessibility on the Internet (World wide web) is basically a Web Development Service.

Typically it involves a wide range of activities, starting from,

*Development of static to dynamic content pages.
*Development of Application software.

*Web Designing.
*Content Development and Management.

*Configuration of the Network Security.
*Development of e-commerce portals, etc.

Web Development Services can encompass one, to many developers depending on the kind of service your brand offers.There is a regular coordination among the various Departments of a Company and sometimes clients in order to deliver customized Programmes.

One can broadly classify Web Development Services into several Categories like:

* Web Consultation

Helps you interact with Programmers to design the best Applications based on the demands of your Industry and suitable formula for success and monetization.

*Web Development

Conversion from the theory of concepts to a Practical development of potent Programs(Coding), Software, Portals, Applications, Solutions, Security etc.

*Web Integration

Integration of all applications and services to mobile-friendly platforms. Includes integration of web tools, contemporary technology, and high-quality visionary contents.

*Web Support

With Web support, maintenance of the services and software, assistance during any hurdles, like downtime, data loss etc, is taken care of. It also includes Enhancement of Applications, Monitoring of the system, Performance tuning etc.

Apart from the Core services, a typical Web Development Service should also include one or all of the following:

  1. Web Development for a StartUp.

*StartUps need a push into the market and appreciation for a successful establishment and transformation into an Enterprise.

* Requirements of Web Development Services for StartUps should be abreast with the latest Technologies.

*Some of the key features of a typical Web Development Service for a startUp are, Custom-built solutions, Advanced Technology like expertise in iOS, Android, HTML5, MCommerce, Cross-Platform, Cloud Solutions, etc.

*It should also Innovative ideas, Budget-friendly Services, and 24/7 Support(Chat/Call).



  1. Web Development for an Enterprise.


*Taking your Business/Brand to the next level and integrating it with the advanced technologies, going mobile friendly and revolutionizing it to a completely digital platform is a Launchpad for marking the niche in your Industry.

*Some of the key features of typical Development for an Enterprise are:


  1. Custom Website Solutions


Includes Development of Enterprise Web Application, Cloud, and SAAS based Development, Project and Workflow Management, Application Integration Service, Business Applications, etc.


  1. Web Development of Portals


Includes Contemporary Enterprise Portal Development, Job Portal Development, News & Information Portal, e-commerce portal Development, Online Travel Portal Development, Real Estate Portal Development, etc.



  1. Web Development of e-Commerce Services.


Includes, Development of Applications, Platform, Shopping Cart and Online store for e-Commerce Platform. Also includes Development of Market channel for Multiple vendors, B2B Chains, Secured e-Commerce Solution & Performance Optimization.


  1. Open Source Customization Services


Includes, WordPress, Drupal CMS Development, Joomla, WooCommerce, Shopify e-Commerce Solutions, Magneto, Re-engineering, Plugin Development, theme design for open source and e-Commerce platforms, Upgradations, Optimization, and Migrations, etc.



Additional Modules/ Technologies and Features to look out for in Web Development Services:








* Codeigniter

* CakePHP

* Symfony

* Larave

* Zend

* Yii


Also ensure your Web Development Service caters across the wide range of Industries like Education, Banking, Health-care, Media, Gaming, Travel, Transport, Food & Restaurant, Real estate, etc.

Watch out for some of the Latest Web Development Trends in 2020

* Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Forward thinking Chatbox.

* Single e-Commerce Networks.

* Augmented Reality.

* Motion User Interface.

* Progressive Web App.

* Single page Websites.

* Push Notifications.

* Blockchain.

* Social Selling.

With so many choices of Services and Technology, your website is sure to be transformed.

Customize and choose the right services and technology for your Website.

Keep us posted on the latest technologies we have missed, we will be happy to Upgrade.

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